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Now you can choose yourself what I should wear on one of my coming shootings and get 2 MONTHS FREE (!) MEMBERSHIP. Ok. here's the deal: Send me a SEXY and HOT outfit that you want to see me wearing. In exhange, I will model the outfit and send you a CD with all the pics. Pretty good deal, wouldn't you say?

I can model underwear or swimwear (external clothes are not necessarily required) and it doesn't matter if the clothes you send are mesh, fishnet, seethru or sheer.

You will receive a CD with all the pics and your 2 MONTHS FREE (!) MEMBERSHIP. Once the item is received your account will be activated, you will be notified via email.


  • Must be NEW. Preferably in Original package.
  • Tight Sheer and Very sheer clothing - Yes.
  • Thong, Pantyhose - Panties - Bikini - and the Cameltoe too.
  • Mini, Micro, G-strings or Dental floss - YES, WHY NOT???
  • I will do my best to follow any wishes you might have for pictures, but I reserve the right to decide which I will do.
  • I will do my best to take your pics and send them to you within a few days
  • I will copyright all pics before they are sent to you. That means that I have ultimate rights to them. Please keep these pictures for personal enjoyment only.

    Thats It.

    I will post some pics from each series on my site. As a Bonus, the person who sends the outfit will have a VERY SPECIAL PRIVATE PICTURE PACK and a VIDEO WITH YOUR OUTFIT.

    To send me stuff

    E-mail me here for more information.

    These are my suggestions!!!

    I would like to use this outfit (Very Very Sexy, I think) for my next session.

    Mini Micro Lingerie

    Some sites for buy outfits

  • You can check these sites for very nice clothes
  • Please, don't buy anything without writing to me first.
  • I don't work for these sites, I found them using a search engine.


    Sexy Lingerie - Explore our lingerie forums and directory of lingerie resources.


    http://www.trashy.com/ (PLEASE CHECK BARGAINS)










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