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Hi, my name is Diana.

Since I started posting my pics on USENET I have had a lot of e-mails from people wanting to know a little more about me.
My birthday is in December 2nd and I live in South America

Things have changed now, I have a baby, I have a career, a family and few time for modeling and photography. I stop modeling because my pregnancy and mainly because my "job" give me a lot of problems with my parents and people in my city. People call me now a whore, LOL.

I hope you  enjoy our site, and please come back again very soon!

Now I can't model and my photos have been deleted from the site due to this problems with my family and friends.

Also people is bored of my old photos and because I don't have new material I have asked to retire my photos because I'm not getting money of them.

For people who is still interested I have authorized to continue selling all my sets out of this site.
If you are interested please contact to webmaster for samples and how to do this

If you want to say me thank you and receive my photo hand signed please don't forget to check my WISHLIST

I have a new email, write me to dulceecuador@gmail.com

Diana xxx

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